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3m x 3m Twinwall 10mm Polycarbonate Lean to Roof Kit, Clear

Home Shop Roofing Sheets 3m x 3m Twinwall 10mm Polycarbonate Lean to Roof Kit, Clear
£729.11 incl VAT.
£607.59 excl VAT.
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This 3 metre by 3 metre roof kit will provide you with all the products you need for a lean-to roof. This specific kit is perfect if you’re looking for a clear finish with a twinwall sheet suitable for various weather conditions.

Included in the pack

  • 3 x Axiome Twinwall 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet, Clear – 1050 x 3000 (AS10C21)
  • 2 x Alukap-XR 60mm Bar 3.0m 45mm in White (AKX328W)
  • 2 x Alukap-XR 60mm Gable Bar 3.0m 45mm in White (AKX460W)
  • 2 x Alukap-XR 10mm End Stop Bar 3m White (AKX106W)
  • 1 x 25mm Anti-Dust Tape (AG32)

Total Price
£729.11 Incl VAT.
£607.59 Excl VAT.


Clear Amber Group

Clear Amber Group is a firm that specialises in roofing extrusions made with plastic and aluminum. Having produced these for 20 years, Clear Amber are extremely experienced and the results are top-grade. Their product lines include the ALUKAP®-SS and ALUKAP®-XR line of glazing beams, as well as AXGARD® glazing sheets. On top of all of this, Clear Amber produces the AXIOME®  multi-wall and Corrapol® corrugated roofing sheets. These are high-tech, cutting-edge roofing and glazing solutions. In addition, Clear Amber offer more specialist options like the fireproof roofing ALUPAVE® and the hygienic cladding HYGICLAD®.  Some of Clear Amber Group’s products use the RAL Colour grading system, allowing you to find the perfect shade that suits your house or building. When it comes to plastic and aluminium roofing extrusions, there’s no beating Clear Amber.
Clear Amber

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