Delivery Man at Eroofing

Accepting Your Delivery

Before accepting and signing for your delivery, make sure to check for any damage.

If there is damage or fault with your package, please send an email to

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery for orders over £10. This excludes lead flashing and certain VELUX products.

Delivery Instructions

Please let us know at the time of your order if you would like to give any specific delivery requests by entering the relevant information into the note section of your order.

Delivery Charges

VELUX – £30 (Accessories, Flashing)

Lead Flashing – £50

VELUX Lead Times

Please note that due to strains on their access to raw materials, VELUX are having issues with the supply of specific goods, in particular VELUX white polyurethane roof windows. White polyurethane roof windows have been extended to 10 days at this moment of time. We will confirm any delivery times after an order is placed.

Northern Ireland & Scotland Deliveries

At this moment of time, deliveries to Northern Ireland and Scotland are limited or not available.

Please contact us before ordering, if your address is in Northern Ireland or Scotland.