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Fascia Brackets

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Fascia brackets, also known as gutter brackets or gutter clips, are the core support for the gutter system of a house. Typically, brackets come in round and square shapes. Colour-wise, brackets come in brown, white and black colours to fit the colour of the gutter.

Installation Process

To install a fascia bracket, you must screw it into the fascia board using two countersunk screws. The gutter is then clipped by first sliding the back edge in under the rear clip and tugging gently down on the front edge to clip the gutter into place. It should also be mentioned that fascia brackets should be spaced at a maximum of 1 metre apart on straight gutter runs.

Buying Fascia Bracket at ERoofing

ERoofing stocks a wide range of fascia brackets from our essential supplier FloPlast, a brand known for its fascia and guttering range. The bracket range diameters range from 112mm to 114mm.

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