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Surface & Material Protector

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Almost every material in your home is vulnerable to some kind of damage. Metal rusts, stone weathers, and timber splinters. But with the selection of Surface and Material protectors we have here at Eroofing you can protect them.

Each has different purposes. Sika Stone Protector can help prevent stones from becoming stained, for instance, without changing their iconic look, while Soudal Vaseline Lubtricating & Protective Spray allows metal to be greased and protected from water with ease. Finally, Everbuild Roll & Stroll Hard Surface Protector is a film that can be laid over floors to protect them with its impressive tensile strength and durability.

Roll & Stroll also comes in a Carpet Protector variety that can perform the same duties for an indoor carpet.

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Sika Stone Protector, Clear – 5 Litre

£37.99 Incl VAT £31.66 Excl VAT

Timco 5 x 8m Heavy Duty Tarpaulin, Green

£36.89 Incl VAT £30.74 Excl VAT

Bond It Patio Blaster - Clear 2.5L

£8.99 Incl VAT £7.49 Excl VAT

Bond It High Gloss Block Sealer - Clear 5L

£38.99 Incl VAT £32.49 Excl VAT

Bond It Stain Block - 400ml Off White

£6.99 Incl VAT £5.83 Excl VAT