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Hambleside Danelaw Interlocking Vents

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ERoofing stocks the popular Hambleside Danelaw vented interlocking roof tiles, designed to provide 15,000mm² of ventilation – more than most other roof vents. This means fewer vents are needed to implement ample air circulation in your roof space.

Effective Roof Ventilation 

Without proper ventilation, roof spaces are susceptible to damp. This can be troublesome and costly to fix and can present a number of health risks if condensation takes hold and mould starts to grow. Hambleside Danelaw double roman tile vents allow effective air flow for the moderation of the roof temperature, preventing the space from getting too warm or too cold. This prevents the risk of damp and the structural side effects that can be incurred as a result.

Versatile Solution

Our range of Hambleside Danelaw interlocking tile roof vents can be used on roofs with a minimum pitch of 17.5°. They can be used in conjunction with a range of concrete interlocking roof tiles, as well as interlocking clay roof tiles. Some of the brands that the Hambleside Danelaw vent tiles can be used with include:

  • Russell Double Roman
  • Redland Double Roman
  • Lagan Double Roll
  • Sandtoft Double Roman
  • Marley Double Roman

If you need more information on whether the double roman Hambleside Danelaw vents will work with your roof, please contact us and we’ll be able to advise you further.

Seamless Integration

Hambleside Danelaw tile vents are designed for easy installation of the surrounding interlocking shingles. When placed in a mid-shunt position, the tiles can lift and move alongside the roof structure, ensuring they won’t come loose.

In addition to the easy installation, the double roman vent range comes in a range of colours so that the tiles are not distinguishable from the actual roof tiles. We supply terracotta, black, slate grey, brown, and antique red options to suit all roofs.

Long-Lasting Solution 

Made from polypropylene, Hambleside Danelaw interlocking roof vent tiles provide adequate and timely ventilation into your roof space. They’re also UV resistant and thermally stable, meaning they won’t fade and look unsightly, and they will also prevent heat from being lost whilst allowing cooler air to circulate.

Another benefit of the non-reflective, UV-resistant surface is that the vent is less susceptible to embrittlement, meaning it will last longer and protect your roof for a longer period of time.

Order From ERoofing Today

You can place an order or learn more about Hambleside Danelaw double roman roof vents by contacting us.

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