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Patination Oil

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Patination oil lead mate flashing protection coating helps prevent unsightly white staining on newly fixed lead work. At ERoofing, we stock various sizes of patination oil, including 500ml and 1 litre. 

Applying Patination Oil and Using it on Lead

Before using patination oil, you should shake the container actively for about 2 minutes. Then apply one coat only to the lead surface with a soft, clean cloth. Next, work across the lead surface, using the Patination Oil from top to bottom of the installation in straight, vertical lines. Don’t apply in a circular motion, as this will leave an uneven appearance. Remember to apply oil to the underside of leadwork’s leading edges and cover lead clips and fixings. Leave for at least one hour to dry.

We recommend applying patination oil quite rapidly after installing lead, preferably before the end of the day of the original instalation. This avoids the carbonation.

Protecting Old Lead with Patination Oil

Old lead can have patination oil applied to it, but first you must make sure to clean and restore lead it to its original-like state. It’s vital to clean off and dust or dirt before you apply any oil.

Buying Patination Oil from ERoofing

At ERoofing, patination oil comes with free next day delivery. We recommend using it only in well-ventilated areas, away from naked flames and ignition sources. If you have more questions about lead flashing or patination oil, get in touch with our team, and we’ll help out.

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Frequently Asked Questions (3)

When lead comes into contact with moisture and rainwater, patination oil prevents it from oxidising, maintaining a uniform and eye-pleasing appearance.
Yes, but it should be thoroughly cleaned with a restorer before any oil is applied.
For a long-lasting effect that has economical and aesthetic benefits, we'd say using patination oil is a necessity.