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Corrugated Bitumen Sheets

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Bitumen Corrugated Sheets are the most cost-effective form of corrugated sheet roofing. Bitumen is a form of tar with very useful waterproofing properties. Bitumen-impregnated board becomes waterproof as a result.

Bitumen sheets also have another important edge on other materials. While resin, fibreglass, and PVC sheets are all at least partially transparent, Bitumen sheets are completely opaque and better for privacy purposes. 

The Corrapol-BT bitumen sheets we sell here at ERoofing are available in four very eye-pleasing colours – green, red, black, and brown. Moreover, virtually the entire Corrapol ancillary range has been adapted specifically for BT’s needs in this matter. Whether it’s Rock n’ Lock Flashing or Super Ridge, we sell it in all four colours. 

Bitumen Corrugated sheets can be installed simply, though because of its relatively low resilience against shear forces, we recommend installing it carefully to minimise the risk of tearing.

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Corrapol-BT Corrugated Bitumen Sheet (930 x 2000mm)

£13.23£16.55 inc. VAT
£11.03 ex. VAT

Corrapol-BT Corrugated Bitumen Sheet - (930 x 1000mm)

£6.62£8.28 inc. VAT
£5.52 ex. VAT