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Corrugated PVC Sheets

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is an extremely versatile plastic, used to make everything from plastic bottles to credit cards. When it comes to roofing sheets it provides an excellent mid-level material. Corrugated PVC sheets are particularly useful for DIYers who want to start a small roofing project. Like all corrugated sheets, the wrinkles prevent capillary action from interfering with the movement of the water, leading all the water to flow down the sides of the sheets.

With good light transmission, respectable strength, and workable material, PVC is a perfect choice for small, sheltered structures like lean-to’s. If more durability is required, fibreglass or resin sheets are a more suitable choice.

PVC’s practicality and relatively low cost makes it excellent for DIYers. This is particularly true of Corrapol-PVC sheets, which are both easy to work with while benefiting from the diverse selection of Corrapol support products like Corrapol Eaves Filler and Super Ridge.

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Corrapol PVC DIY Grade Sheet

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Corrapol PVC DIY Grade Wall Flashing

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