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Lead fixings can be very important to providing the finishing touches to roof installations. At ERoofing, we currently stock two main varieties of lead fixings: lead domes and lead hall clips.

Lead Domes

Screws and nails can be rusted and corroded by constant exposure to the weather and the elements. Hence the existence of lead domes, sometimes also called lead dots. Lead domes can be hammered in to cover these screws and nails for an aesthetically pleasing method of protection. ERoofing packets of lead domes come with complimentary brass washers and screws to use with the domes. The domes come in packs of 20.

Lead Hall Clips

To lock lead flashing in place against a brick wall, previously lead wedges were used. However, lead wedges are a relatively crude solution and they don’t always lead to a tight fit. Lead hall clips provide for superior grip on brickwork. Lead hall clips are v-shaped and made of stainless steel. The tensile strength they exert makes them a much tighter fit than wedges. The empty space also allows the clips to give way for the thermal expansion of the lead. The clips come in packets of 50.

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Easy-Trim Hall Clips, Bag of 50

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ERoofing Lead Hall Clips – Pack of 50

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Lead Hall Fixing Clips - Pack of 50

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