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At ERoofing, we stock a major range of sealants, adhesives, and silicones. From kitchen to bathroom needs, we’ll cover the trade and DIY enthusiasts looking to build and reshape their homes and projects. Browse through our range of sealants and adhesives from some of the leading brands including Sika, Everbuild, OB1, and others.

What are sealants?

Sealants are applied substances that are used to fill gaps around the home. This extensive remit requires a wide variety of properties for different goals. For example, Soudal Firecement is a sealant with an extremely strong resistance to heat which makes it perfect for use around stoves and fireplaces. Other sealants might be especially waterproof or especially flexible. 

Properties a sealant might have 

Many sealants can be described as either high or low modulus. Bulk modulus refers to how resistant to compression a substance is – therefore, a high modulus sealant will not compress significantly under stress, while a low modulus sealant will. This can be very preferable for sealants in places such as doorframes where some give is important. There are also sealants with various types of elasticity. 

When it comes to waterproofing, there are a variety of degrees of water resistance. Some sealants can withstand temporary water immersion, while others can survive consistent low-level exposure. These types might be good for work on a sink or shower.  Others are totally waterproof, while a few might be totally waterproof as well as able to be applied while immersed. These would be better for work in a bath or a swimming pool.

Some sealants are thixotropic. This means that they become more liquid when shaken and more viscous when left alone. So they should be shaken while in a tube or can prior to application but after they cure, they will become rock solid again.

Depending on your task, you might also want to find a sealant that can be painted over, such as Everbuild External Frame Sealant. The vast majority of caulks can be painted over. Caulks are very similar to sealants, but they are made out of latex and acrylic rather than silicone, which is the primary basis for most sealants. This means they tend to be less elastic once cured, but allows them to be painted over and applied more precisely.

Finally, some sealants are expanding foams. These are types of sealants that expand to a huge degree. Because this makes them less precise to apply, their uses are primarily based around sound and heat insulation rather than external work.

Properties an adhesive might have

You will almost certainly have worked with domestic adhesives before. A tube of superglue or even Pritt Stick is technically an adhesive. But the industrial-grade adhesives sold at ERoofing are significantly different. 

Wood adhesives have very specific requirements. The absorbent, porous nature of wood makes PVA and superglue difficult to use as wood adhesives, unless they are specialist adhesives like Soudal Pro 30D Waterproof Wood Adhesive. Instead, the best wood glues are usually some kind of polyurethane. 

Drying time can be important for certain projects. Usually, the two things being glued will need to be held as tightly as possible together till the glue has cured for a maximum strength bond. A quick drying time will make this far easier. 

Just like sealants, waterproof adhesives can range from temporary resistance to fully waterproof. Some, like Everbuild’s Gator Glue, can even be applied to wet surfaces and is resistant even to seawater. Gator Glue is also an excellent adhesive for wood and other porous materials. This is because when it cures it expands slightly, locking itself into place after the glue has been partially absorbed into the pores.

Waterproof tile adhesives should also be used when tiling a bathroom, such as the Everbuild 702 Water Resistant Tile Adhesive. For kitchens, it’s not as necessary, though specific non-slip tile adhesives like the Everbuild NS05 701 Non-Slip Tile Adhesive can make tiling far more efficient, especially for DIYers who have never tiled before. The non-slip adhesive holds the tiles in place while curing occurs, allowing them to be set properly. 

Applicator gun

Many types of sealants, adhesives, and caulks can be applied using a sealant gun (also known as a caulking gun). This is a mechanical device that squeezes tubes of sealants, adhesives and caulks and forces the substance out. It also has a nozzle that allows said substances to be applied precisely in the areas where it is desired. 

Various sizes and types are available, both mechanical and pneumatic. Most standard cartridges range around 300ml. Larger ones can range up to 900ml.

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Getting sealants off of your skin

You should always wear safety gloves when working with sealants. But if you get silicone based sealants on the skin of your wrists, you can get it off with nail polish remover that contains acetone. Just wash the area in warm water, and then use nail polish to get off whatever is left.

Our Range

We stock a range of sealants including OB1 sealant, Stixall by Everbuild, Pinkgrip and many more. Simply browse through our range and find the sealant or adhesive that suits you. We have sealants for roof, sealants for concrete, and sealants for wood. If you need any guidance or help, get in touch with us.

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