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Roof Felt Shingles

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Felt shingles can be an excellent roofing solution for roofs that want more character than standard roofing felt. This is important because certain structures have felt as their top layer instead of as an intermediary layer under the tiles. Felt shingles can be utilised on various types of roofs including sheds, garden buildings, garages, barns, warehouses, and other related structures.

What colours do felt shingles come in?

At ERoofing, we stock felt shingles in black, brown, green, red, and slate grey.

What other products would I need alongside felt shingles?

Shed nails are important for securing shed felt. At ERoofing, we recommend the Galvanised Extra Large Head nails, available in either 25 mm or 20 mm.

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Frequently Asked Questions (3)

Felt shingles will last differently depending on two factors. Quality of the felt shingles and the original installation. Typicaly shingles once installed correctly will last for at least several years.
Felt shingles can be fixed onto a shed roof with some quality felt adhesive and shed nails.
Once installed correctly, felt shingles should aid in preventing any water entering your shed.