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Salt Remover

Salt remover is a great way to get rid of salt on walls, paths, patios and surfaces that may get damaged due to rock salt. Typically, salt removers are biodegradable and safe for the environment making them a great option for residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, the remover is clear in colour meaning you don’t have to worry about odd patches and marks of colour appearing on your driveway, path or any other suitable surface.

Why is rock salt bad for concrete?

In order to de-ice concrete, rock salt is used. However, when the ice is melted it dissolves in the moisture left behind. Likewise, when the climate warms up and the moisture evaporates, salt can also seep into your concrete, causing the concrete surface to crack and flake off. This is also known as sub-florescence.

How to use a salt remover?

We’d recommend testing the product on a small unnoticeable area before applying it to the entire area. Before treating the surface, wet it with water beforehand. A typical salt remover should not be flooded, sprayed or poured on the affected area, ensuring complete coverage. Be careful not to overspray metal surfaces, lawns, and plants. If efflorescence is present, leave Salt-Away for 5 to 10 minutes. After applying it, rinse with clean water. Whenever necessary, repeat for severely damaged areas.

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