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Fascia and Guttering are important parts of the roof. At ERoofing we stock a full compliment of fascia brackets and guttering that will help you get the job done.

What is guttering?

Guttering is a system of pipes that redirect water that drips down from the roof into a drain rather than dripping off onto ground directly around the house. This helps shield the foundations of the house from excessive, chronic water damage.

We sell both square line and round line guttering depending on the needs of your house, as well as hedgehog gutter brushes that help keep the gutter free of leaves and other detritus.

What are fascia brackets?

Fascia is a plastic board going around the house below the roof on the verge side, supporting the gutter system. It is attached to the soffit below it and the bargeboard where it meets the gable.

Fascia brackets hold the fascia in place against the house. At ERoofing, we sell half-round, ogee, rafter and square fascia brackets.

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Hedgehog Gutterbrush Clips (Pack of 20)

£11.29 Incl VAT £9.41 Excl VAT

FloPlast Ogee Fascia Bracket, White

£5.99 Incl VAT £4.99 Excl VAT

FloPlast Ogee Fascia Bracket, Black

£5.99 Incl VAT £4.99 Excl VAT