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Dry Hip Systems

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Dry Hip Systems are designed to hold hip tiles in place without needing to mortar them in place.

What are hip tiles?

Hip tiles are a special type of tile that covers the gap created when conventional roof tiles converge at corners.

What do hip support trays do?

Hip tile support trays go underneath the hip tiles and are fixed in place with plastic unions and screws. This gives hip tiles some extra support which allows them to hold onto their place in the roof without any need for mortar.

Why should I use a dry hip system instead of just mortaring the tiles in place?

Mortaring the tiles in place makes the entire roof more vulnerable to chronic damage from the wind and the elements. When the wind blows on a mortared roof, the roof cannot flex and the tiles themselves take the damage.

However, nowadays tiles can be locked in place using a dry fix system. In this system the hip, verge and ridge tiles are locking in with various plastic parts and screws but no mortar, allowing them a small degree of give. This allows a roof to flex in the face of the elements and absorb kinetic energy far more safely than a mortared roof would. A hip support tray is a vital part of this dry fix system – and therefore a vital road to saving you money and time that would be spent on maintaining a mortared roof.

What hip support trays does ERoofing offer?

Hip support trays can be purchased individually or in bulk at a discount. In addition, ERoofing stocks the Easy Trim Hip Support Tray Accessory Kit. This can be used in conjunction with the Easy Ridge Universal Dry Ridge System 6m Kit to lock in your roof’s most important tiles in a dry fix fashion.

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