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Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power, sometimes spelt as sticksall, is a combined building adhesive and sealant, based on hybrid polymer technology, with the most extreme power to both bond and seal practically everything to anything in nearly all conditions, even underwater or in the rain! As a result, Stixall Extreme Power offers almost limitless benefits as an adhesive and a sealant removing the previous application barriers associated with conventional products.

Uses of Stixall Extreme Power Adhesive

Stixall can be used as a nail replacement adhesive, even on damp surfaces. In addition, it can bond mirrors to the most common substrates and can be used for jointing cladding panels.

Overall, Stixall can be used for any application requiring high performance, durable sealing and bonding of joints and applications where resistance to chemical spillage is required.

Buying Stixall from ERoofing

Stixall comes in 290ml cartridges and can be sold individually, in multiples, or in boxes of 12. Buying multiples will result in quantity discounts, saving you money on your DIY and building project. Moreover, if you’re spending over £10 on your order, you’ll receive free next day delivery.

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Everbuild Stixall Easi Squeeze - 80ml

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Frequently Asked Questions (4)

Stixall can be used to bond two different surfaces together. Stixall has a superb chemically curing combination that makes thing adher rapidly.
Stixall can dry rather rapidly, generally within 30 minutes. However, time can vary depending on application. We recommend leaving the item alone for at least 24 hours to make sure its fully secure in its place.
Any uncured, or spillage from Stixall can typically be removed with some Wonder Wipes, or related products. White spirit can also work for removing Stixall.
Generally, you can paint on cured Stixall with water-based paints. However, we'd recommend using the technical data of the paint to make sure it doesn't interfer with the sealant.