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Dry Fix

There’s almost no single roofing investment that will save a homeowner more time or money than going for a dry fix tiling solution for a pitched roof. In a dry fix roof, instead of mortar,  the hip, ridge, and verge tiles are fixed in place with screws, clamps, and waterproof unions.

Why should I consider a Dry Fix Roof?

This has huge implications for the installation, maintenance, and repair of the roof as well as any modifications to it post-construction. When tiles are fixed in place with mortar they are inflexible in the face of the elements and are worn down relatively quickly as a result. However, when tiles are fixed in place with a dry fix method they have more give and can flex in the face of bad weather, absorbing more punishment safely. If you want a roof that rolls with the punches you need a dry fix roof.

What can I get at ERoofing for my Dry Fix Roof?

At ERoofing we offer a full complement of support for dry fix roofs. Not only are we fully stocked with dry ridge and dry verge kits but we also offer hip support trays as well as dry fix accessories.

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Hambleside Danelaw CON6+ Dry Ridge 6m Kit

£42.99 Incl VAT £35.83 Excl VAT

Klober Dry Ridge System, 6m (KR5200)

£36.99 Incl VAT £30.83 Excl VAT

Klober Univeral Angle Ridge End - Grey

£8.99 Incl VAT £7.49 Excl VAT