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Whether it’s about transporting your roof ladders or modifying a common extension ladder, at ERoofing we stock a wide variety of ladder accessories.

Youngman LadderLok

The Youngman LadderLok is a secure wall mount for your roof ladders. It is sturdy and comes with a padlock, and is simple to install. The LadderLok comes with its own fittings.

Youngman Roof Hook Kit

The Youngman Roof Hook Kit allows the conversion of an extension ladder into a roof ladder by attaching a wheeled roof hook. The resulting ladder is excellent for scaffold work but ERoofing cannot recommend it above a true roof ladder for dedicated roofing work.

Youngman Ladder Stay

It’s easy to damage window frames or gutters when using an extension ladder, but the Youngman Ladder Stay allows you to protect them. The Ladder Stay also makes working at heights safer.

Youngman Ladder Rack Clamps

While the LadderLok is perfect for a wall mount, when it comes to mounting a ladder on a vehicle there’s no beating the Youngman Ladder Rack Clamps. These allow a vehicle to carry a roof ladder safely on top.

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Werner Ladder Roof Rack Clamps (79009)

£32.05 Incl VAT £26.71 Excl VAT

Werner LadderLok (45009)

£39.06 Incl VAT £32.55 Excl VAT

Youngman Roof Hook Kit (30489800)

£48.83 Incl VAT £40.69 Excl VAT