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Flashing Tape

Roofing flashing tape, also known as flashband or lead flashing tape, is one of many ways to protect, repair, and watertight seal something permanently. Due to its heat resistance and ability to provide an immediate watertight seal on an enormous variety of surfaces, it is an essential part of any roofing project. In addition, it comes in multiple sizes to suit your roof needs. 

Among our range, we have the excellent Cromar Flashing Tape, Bostik Flashing Tape and Everbuild’s flashing trade tape.

How To Apply Flashing Tape the Correct Way

To help out, here is a short guide on how to apply flashing tape.

Cut the Flashing Strip to the length required. To avoid any creasing, remove approximately 50mm of backing paper and carefully position the sealing strip. Hold the backing paper firmly and release it steadily from the sealing strip as the product is applied.

Smooth into position using hand pressure. Use a seam roller or rounded wood smooth to ensure good contact and expel any air, especially on overlaps and at the edges. When laying adjacent rolls, Flashing Strip should be overlapped by a minimum of 25mm for a watertight seal. 

The seam must be pressed firmly with a hand roller paying particular attention at the point of overlap. Remember, if applying this in cold weather (5-15 Celsius), storing the flashing tape in a warm place is highly recommended before use. If possible, it is also suggested to warm up the surface slightly.

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Bond It Flashing Tape - Grey

From: £6.99 Incl VAT £5.83 Excl VAT

Cromar Roofing Flashing Tape Grey - 10m

From: £10.95 Incl VAT £9.13 Excl VAT

Everbuild Black Jack Flashing Trade Tape – 10m

From: £11.80 Incl VAT £9.83 Excl VAT

Everbuild Black Jack Flashing Trade Tape – 3m

From: £12.99 Incl VAT £10.83 Excl VAT

Securbond Flashing Tape - 10m

From: £49.47 Incl VAT £41.23 Excl VAT

Frequently Asked Questions (2)

Flashband, or flashing tape, can last for years depending on application and brand of tape.
While nothing is truly permanent, the majority of our flashing tape can last a very long time if installed correctly.