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With top-notch brands like Everbuild and Soudal, our caulk selection will give you everything you need to repair gaps and cracks at your home. We stock the all-purpose 295ml Caulk Once from Everbuild, the flexible-after-drying 300ml Everflex Contract 125 and the 290ml Soudal Decorator’s Caulk for delicate work.

What is Caulk?

Caulk, or caulking as it is sometimes called, is a material used to seal joints or seams against leakage in various structures. A lot of the caulk in our range can be used for both interior and exterior use and are solvent-free. For example, the Everflex Contract 125 is perfect for sealing door gaps. Soudal Decorator’s Caulk is more suited towards work sealing gaps in skirting boards. For outside work like fixing small cracks, Caulk Once is ideal. Moreover, if you’re worrying about interior design, caulk products can usually be painted over, making your life much easier.

Will I need a Caulking Gun?

For all the caulk we sell you will need a caulking/sealant gun in order to apply the caulk. Caulk cannot be applied without a caulking gun.

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