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Hedgehog Gutter Brush

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Hedgehog Gutter Brush, also known as a leaf guard, is the market-leading brush gutter guard in the United Kingdom. In addition to preventing leaves from blocking gutters and drains, it ensures they stay clear for years to come. As a result, there’s no need for costly gutter cleaning equipment or professionals. Instead, just insert the brush into the gutter and let it do its thing.

Reasons to Use Hedgehog Gutter Brush

There are many reasons why a gutter brush is excellent for your gutter, including being cost-efficient and easy to fit. In addition, they can be used as a pathway drain brush and are durable, making them a top choice for your home needs. Luckily for householders, they also come in three different colours: black, white, and brown.

Blockages and consequent damaging water overflow are a pain for many homeowners. With a gutter brush, you’re saving time and money in the long term. Nonetheless, it should be mentioned that, as with any gutter guard, please note that the Hedgehog Gutter Brush will not prevent silt build up in guttering or vegetation growth resulting from floating seeds.

Who makes Hedgehog Gutter Brush?

The gutter brush is made by Easy Innovations, a UK-based company known for innovative property improvement and maintenance products.
The product is made from stainless steel wire core and polypropylene bristles, making them viable for your home.

Installing Hedgehog Gutter Brush

Firstly, make sure that any debris is cleared from the gutters to place the gutter brush without trouble. The brush should run throughout the gutter and be secured with a clip every metre of the hedgehog. So, for example, if you’re placing 12 metres of hedgehog, then you’ll need 12 gutter clips.

Ordering Hedgehog Gutter Brush from ERoofing

As per our free delivery offer, if you spend more than £10 on your order, you will receive free next day delivery. This offer includes the hedgehog gutter brush range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the hedgehog gutter brush keep moss out of my gutter?

Yes, the gutter brush aids in keeping out moss and any leaves from your gutter. They prevent blockages that can cause costly damages to your house, thus are a sound investment for your home.

Can I install it myself?

The product is straightforward to install so you can do it yourself. However, before you do, make sure you have the right equipment with you, such as a stable ladder to make sure you don’t fall when fitting the gutter brush.

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