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Similarly to nails, screws are very versatile fixings that can be precisely placed so long as the surface is acceptable. However, they trade being slightly more complex to install in favour of being more secure than a nail. At ERoofing, we offer top-grade screws from recognised brands like SPAX, and Samac

What are T-STAR® screws?

T-STAR® is a special bit groove designed by SPAX®. It is shaped like a gear with six spokes. It allows the screw to grip the bit tighter, which reduces mistakes, especially when drilling in awkward positions. There is also T-STAR Plus®, which adds an indentation at the bottom for an even tighter grip on the bit. 

What are coated screws?

Coated screws are screws which have some sort of coating on them to help them resist corrosion. For many screws, this is galvanisation, where stainless steel is coated in zinc to become waterproof. We also offer SPAX® brand screws with a special WIROX coating that serves the same purpose.

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Phillips screws are screws with a simple cross-shape on the head for the bit to fit in. This allows screws to be fastened quickly and securely. However, the simple cross shape allows for the drill to be removed quickly. On jobs with lots of screwing, the Phillips screw improves productivity.
Pozidriv screws (short for positive drive) are similar to Phillips screws but subtly different. Instead of a pure cross shape, they have four smaller spokes to form an eight-pointed star. They, therefore, fit with different drill bits compared to Phillips screws. Pozidriv screws are more secure to fix than Phillips screws but are not as quick to use.
Countersunk screws are the equivalent of lost head nails. Made with a flat head and a specific design below the head, they can sink entirely into the material they are drilled into, leaving a flat surface.