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Hambleside Danelaw Plain Tile Vents

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ERoofing is proud to present you the Hambleside Danelaw Plain Tile Vent collection. Hambleside Danelaw have been manufacturing roofing products since 1975 and their experience shows in these roof vents.

Why should I get a roof vent?

Roof ventilation is very important. Lofts, attics and other ‘roof voids’ will accumulate condensation if not properly ventilated. This can expose a house to rot and mold, which is damaging and costly to fix and remove. Hambleside Danelaw Plain Tile Vents are a low-profile, cost-effective solution.

What types of Plain Tile Roof Vents do Hambleside Danelaw offer?

There are two main kinds. The first is the Flush Fit Plain Roof Tile Vent. Made of a polypropylene polymer, the Flush Fit is highly durable and resistant to the elements, including acid rain and UV rays. It is also relatively conservative in terms of space used. However, the Flush Fit is somewhat less discreet compared to some other kinds of roof vents.

The second kind is the TV10/9 Double Plain Tile Vent. This is also very durable. The TV10/9 takes the place of two plain tiles instead of one like the Flush Fit. However, while it is bulkier in surface area, its design makes it stand out much less. It is also relatively simple to install. The TV10/9 requires a certain type of tile to match, however – a Marley, Redland, Russels, Sandtoft, or Scot Tiles Plain Tile.

Both types have significant differences between each other and the right one will depend on your roof.

What colours do they come in?

Both types of vent come in five colours – Antique Red, Black, Brown, Slate Grey, and Terracotta. These are five of the most common roof tile colours.

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