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Wood Adhesive

At ERoofing we are proud to stock a large assortment of heavy-duty wood adhesives and wood glues. These are excellent for forming strong bonds between pieces of wood.

What types of wood adhesive does ERoofing stock?

ERoofing stocks two primary kinds of wood adhesive. The first is the commonly used hybrid resin, solvent-free wood glue D4. D4 is a powerful industrial adhesive. It has incredible durability in addition to being heat resistant and waterproof. It’s exactly the sort of serious wood adhesive that would be suited to being used for general woodworking or joinery.

The other kind is 502, produced by Everbuild. Just like D4, 502 is resin-based, weather-resistant, and water-resistant. It is also very environmentally friendly, making it a very versatile tool with many applications.

In addition, ERoofing also stocks the Everbuild Lumberjack, a powerful wood adhesive that sets very quickly, in just five minutes. This is a very useful gap-filling glue.

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