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Essential for the ventilation of the building, roof vents can be purchased from ERoofing’s website directly and without fuss. With roof tile vents to suit all types of roofing, we guarantee that you will be able to find the right product to match your project.

Quality Roof Tile Vents

We stock roof tile vents from all the biggest brands on the market, both here in the UK and abroad. This means that your project will benefit from the very best in the business.

We understand the need for quality when it comes to structure, whether planning for a new build or renovating a listed building. Plain, lead, and antique roof vents are just some of the options available from our website, helping you to find the best solution that will integrate with its surroundings.

Why Roof Vents are Important

Without proper ventilation, the temperature in the loft/attic will rise and, without any means of circulation, this can cause damage to your roof tiles. Not only that, but poorly ventilated properties also present a health risk that does not allow for airborne germs to disperse. A high concentration of contaminants will accumulate quickly in enclosed spaces, such as lofts and attics.

Odours will linger and poorly ventilated roofs will likely result in damp problems as moisture will have nowhere to go other than to settle on walls. Over time, this can cause major structural issues to the property, which can result in expensive refurbishments.

High-Quality Service

When you buy from ERoofing, a UK Supplier of roof tile vents, you benefit from much more than just top of the range products and high-quality service. We offer next-day delivery for most of the products purchasable from our website, including roof vents.

Please view the range of roof vents on our website, where you will find both small and large roof vents for concrete, lead, and lead alternative tiles. If you are still unable to find the right product for you, please get in contact with a member of the ERoofing team today and we will be more than happy to help.

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Klober Uni-line Vent Slate Grey

£34.99 Incl VAT £29.16 Excl VAT

Klober Small Slate Vent

From: £17.99 Incl VAT £14.99 Excl VAT

Hambleside Danelaw Double Roman Tile Vent, TV15/3

From: £27.99 Incl VAT £23.33 Excl VAT

Hambleside Danelaw Double Plain Tile Vent, TV10/9

From: £24.99 Incl VAT £20.83 Excl VAT

Hambleside Danelaw TV10/6 Flush Fit Tile Vent

From: £25.99 Incl VAT £21.66 Excl VAT

Hambleside Danelaw TV15/1 Flush Fitting Tile Vent

From: £25.99 Incl VAT £21.66 Excl VAT

Hambleside Danelaw TV15/7 Tile Vent

From: £25.99 Incl VAT £21.66 Excl VAT

Hambleside Danelaw Double Pantile Vent TV15/2

From: £25.98 Incl VAT £21.65 Excl VAT

Hambleside Danelaw TV15/4 Tile Vent

From: £25.99 Incl VAT £21.66 Excl VAT

Frequently Asked Questions (4)

Yes, roof vents can be a helpful way in preventing condensation in your roof. To ensure, your roof is well ventilated we recommend creating a flowing airflow in your roof with multiple roof vents.
Roof vents come in various types, sizes, and colours -- all depending on your roof. From plain tile vents to interlocking tile vents, make sure to find the compatible roof vent for your roof tile before you buy.
Roof vents tend to prevent from water coming into your home. If you are having issues with a roof vent and water entrance into your home. Get in touch with a professional roofer for advice.
Slate and roof tile vents are best installed just above loft insulation, because they are capable of removing most of the moisture without allowing heat to escape. Moreover, you should also think about placing multiple vents to cover the optimal area for ventilation.