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Dry Ridge System

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A dry ridge system entails installing ridge tiles to a roof ridge without using mortar, instead using screws typically made from durable stainless steel. At ERoofing, we stock a broad selection of dry ridge kits in both 3m and 6m packs, giving you the flexibility to find an option that works for you with minimal wastage.

Dry ridge tiles are now a requirement of all new roofs installed in the UK because they offer a number of benefits that mortar tiles do not. They are far easier to install, requiring you to fix the tiles in place with screws which are then clamped between the joints of each tile. There are fewer materials and processes involved with installing a dry ridge system, hence its growing popularity.

Dry Ridge Hip Kits 

At ERoofing, we supply several types of dry ridge system kits to suit various roof apexes. The Cromar Universal Dry Ridge Kit offers 75mm coverage across the pitch – the widest of all manufacturers, but there are other options to suit different roof styles.

All dry ridge systems for hipped roofs offer the same flexibility and easy installation. Houses naturally move over time, meaning the roof may adjust slightly. Mortar is not flexible as it cements tiles in place, meaning should the property move over time, the mortar will remain in place and may cause breakages to the tiles. A dry ridge tile system allows the tiles to move with the house, reducing the risk of cracks and breaks in the mortar and loose tiles.

Another benefit of a dry ridge tile system is that it offers added ventilation to your roof. This reduces the build up of condensation, therefore minimising the risk of damp-incurred issues.

Buy a Dry Ridge System

ERoofing is one of the most trusted dry ridge hip system suppliers in the UK. We offer multiple options to suit your needs, all of which are easy to order online. If you’re not sure what system will work best for your roof, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (3)

A dry ridge system uses screws or other mechanical fixings to attach ridge tiles to a roof. This method eliminates the need to use mortar for bonding. Screws or other mechanical fixings attach clamps between the joins of every roof tile, clamping the tiles to the roof
Dry ridge longevity can differ depending on installation, the dry ridge used, and other factors such as weather. Typically, a dry ridge system should last a minimum of 10 years.
From easy installation to being budget-friendly, dry ridge is a great modern solution for roofs.