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It’s the most distinctive feature of almost every roof in the country. However, the chimney can also prove to be a headache for many homeowners. It’s very easy for a chimney to become clogged by leaves, small animals, and other detritus. This is very dangerous because a clogged chimney can lead to your house being filled with smoke or even lethal carbon monoxide. That’s where Brewer’s Birdguard Chimney Cowl and Chimney Capper come into play, both available at ERoofing.

What’s the difference between the Chimney Cowl and the Chimney Capper?

The Birdguard Chimney Cowl is bulkier and more expensive but is a more advanced solution that combines ventilation while still protecting your chimney from leaves, dirt, squirrels et al. The Chimney Capper is cheaper and easier to install, but while it still provides ventilation it is to a far lesser degree than the Chimney Cowl. The primary use of the Chimney Capper is to protect a disused Chimney.

In general, the Chimney Cowl is a better investment if you use your fireplace frequently. If you do not use it the Chimney Capper is the superior choice.

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Brewer Birdguard Solid Fuel Chimney Cowl

From: £31.95 Incl VAT £26.63 Excl VAT

Brewer Chimney Cowl Chimney Capper

From: £19.95 Incl VAT £16.63 Excl VAT