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In addition to allowing safe movement and access on sloped or pitched roofs, roof ladders are equipped with ridge hooks that prevent them from sliding, reducing the risk of injury and helping keep your mind in comfort when working on a crucial roofing project. The ladders are often made from aluminium and thus are lightweight but extremely strong and durable, making them a viable product for DIY and professional work.

Our range of roof ladders are made by Youngman, a leading brand in roof ladders known across the UK for their quality. We have double section roof ladders in the ladder range and single section ladders. We also stock the trendy Youngman roof hook kit, which turns most extension ladders into safe and effective ladders.

How to Use Roof Ladders?

If you haven’t used a roof ladder before it’s worth asking for assistance from a professional or someone that can keep an eye out to make sure you are safe. We strongly recommend leaving roofing projects to roofers due to the health and safety aspects of roofing that have to be taken into consideration.

If you are using a ladder for roof access then we’d make sure that firstly the weather is suitable for the job. Rainy and wet conditions can make your ladder slip and make it unsafe for users that require lifting heavy products onto the roof. You need to make sure your ladder is well secured so it doesn’t cause sudden movement or have any danger of falling down as this can cause serious damage to you and others around you.

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