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The piece de resistance of any corrugated roofing sheet lineup are plastic resin sheets. They have the highest light transmission, the best durability and the most strength of any corrugated sheet material. In many ways corrugated resin sheets bridge the performance gap between corrugated sheeting and polycarbonate sheets.

The Corrapol Stormroof series of plastic resin sheets from Clear Amber are particularly impressive. They are also nigh indestructible, being over 200 times stronger than glass of the same thickness. Stormroof also doesn’t run the risk of cracking during installation or discolouring over time.

They are highly resistant to UV rays, unlike most sheets, and are also lightweight. They are also the longest-lasting by far of any corrugated roofing sheet. Corrapol Stormroof, for instance, has an average lifespan of 25 years. Plastic resin sheets are a serious investment. They should only be used for dedicated installations like greenhouses or garages which can benefit the most from their considerable physical attributes.


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Corrapol Stormroof High Profile Sheet 950mm

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Corrapol Stormroof Low Profile Sheet 840mm

From: £41.14 Incl VAT £34.28 Excl VAT