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Felt Lap Vents

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Felt lap vents, like roof vents, increase the amount of ventilation into existing roof spaces and lofts. They are an affordable solution for those looking to reduce the build-up condensation in their roofs and attics. They are helpful in properties with poor ventilation by avoiding the increase of dampness and mould growth. Like the name, lap vents work with your roofing felt, making them easy to install.

Buying Felt Lap Vents from ERoofing

At ERoofing, we stock Timloc and Manthorpe lap vents. If you have questions, please call us at 01462 542360 or email support@eroofing.co.uk for a quick answer. In any case, place the order online and save your roof from unwanted condensation.

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Hambleside Danelaw Felt Lap Vent

£7.90 Incl VAT £6.58 Excl VAT

Manthorpe Felt Lap Vent

£2.99 Incl VAT £2.49 Excl VAT

Timloc Underlay Felt Lap Vent (Box of 50)

£99.00 Incl VAT £82.50 Excl VAT

Timloc Underlay Felt Lap Vent (Pack of 10)

£19.80 Incl VAT £16.50 Excl VAT

Frequently Asked Questions (3)

When used in combination with proper ventilation materials and permeable roof coverings, roof lap vents are an effective tool for reducing condensation, providing adequate protection to your home.
Typically it is recommended to place one vent into the laps in every other rafter bay down at a low level (as near to the eaves as possible) and on both sides of the roof space to ensure a cross-flow of ventilation.
You can install felt lap vents by simply pushing the vent down into the felt lap, ensuring the flat top is in line with the underside of the battens.