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Dry verge roof edging prevents the edges on the gable of double pitched roofs from blowing upwards in adverse weather conditions. The cap covers the ends of the tiles, lessening the exposure to the elements and securing the tiles to either the timber or the fascia board, providing additional protection and a more aesthetically pleasing finish at the same time.

Dry Verge Systems

At ERoofing, we offer a broad selection of dry verge roof caps to suit all types of tiles. Caps are essential for preserving the integrity of end tiles. The secure fit of the cap covers the end of the tiles and anchors it to the roof structure, ensuring the tiles are dislodged by heavy winds and adverse weather conditions that could otherwise cause damage.

Multiple caps will be required to line the side of the roof, but we offer competitive pricing. Our Easy Trim Universal Dry Verge System is available with reduced pricing depending on the quantity. Up to nine units costs £4.49 per cap, but a quantity order of up to 29 sees the price drop to £1.64 per unit, making them an affordable option for preserving your roof and increasing the aesthetic.

The caps are exceptionally easy to install and layer on top of each other, ensuring there are no gaps for water, animals, or wind to dislodge tiles. In addition, the plastic caps offer durability and flexibility that mortar does not, and there’s little required upkeep.

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ERoofing supplies a broad selection of dry verge roof caps to suit all types of roof tiles and colours for a competitive price. We stock the most trusted brands to guarantee a high quality finish that will last.

If you’re unsure what verge to order, or if you would like to discuss dry verge roofing in more detail with a member of our team, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Timloc Ambi-Verge Universal Dry Fix Verge

From: £6.99 Incl VAT £5.83 Excl VAT

Easy-Trim End Cap, Angled

From: £4.99 Incl VAT £4.16 Excl VAT

10 x Easy-Trim End Cap, Half Round - Black

£29.99 Incl VAT £24.99 Excl VAT

Frequently Asked Questions (2)

Wet verges utilise mortar to secure the end tiles in place, but mortar isn’t fully weatherproof and doesn’t allow for natural movement of the roof. This could cause cracks, and in high winds, end tiles can become dislodged. Dry verge caps provide a cover to the end tiles and anchor them to the roof structure, ensuring they cannot be dislodged by wind whilst also allowing for natural movement.
Once installed, dry verge roof systems require little to no maintenance. They are more durable than wet verges and so will need no more than two checks a year from the ground to ensure they’re still in good condition.