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Sievert Gas Torch Kit with 10m Hose & Reg

Home Shop Tools Gas Torches & Kits Sievert Gas Torch Kit with 10m Hose & Reg
£98.95 incl VAT.
£82.46 excl VAT.
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Sievert Gas Torch Kit is a brilliant torch for hobbyists and those new to soldering. Normally, Sievert torches operate on propane. The normal working pressure is about 200kPA (28p.s.l.) but Sievert torches work at both higher and lower pressures.

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£98.95 Incl VAT.
£82.46 Excl VAT.

Sievert Gas Torch Kit is a brilliant piece of kit. At ERoofing, we offer Turbo 500m arm option, and Detail 150mm arm option. Here are some reasons to consider buying the Sievert Gas Torch kit.

Lower and Higher Pressures

Sievert Gas Torch works both on lower and higher pressures making it a well-rounded tool for your project.

It’s High Quality & Easy to Use

Sievert is known for producing high-quality products, so you’ll be in good hands if you get a Sievert gas torch kit. The torch kit is generally easy to use and can be used by hobbyists and professionals.

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Since 1882 Sievert have been making top-of-the-line heating tools and blowtorches. These types of equipment are the sort where you really can’t risk using second-rate models. But with 140 years of experience, Sievert will have you safe as houses while doing heating and soldering work.  ERoofing primarily stock the Sievert Gas Torch Kit. This is simple to use for experienced tradespeople and amateur DIYers alike, and is ideal for torch-on bituminous roofing felt. The bitumen layer is heated to the melting point, and then rolled out to adhere to the substrate. Sievert’s heating tools are safe as long as they are properly used. When working with them please remember to follow all suitable safety procedures.

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