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Sekosnap is a secondary glazing brand from Clear Amber. Using a two-part click-fix system, it is easy to install and perfect for use alongside Axgard panels. One strip is drilled in, the second is fitted to the outside of the panels, then the second is clicked into the first.

Secondary glazing systems can hugely improve insulation. This is even more pronounced when you use Axgard polycarbonate panels. Polycarbonate insulates more effectively than glass, and using a combination of glass and polycarbonate as double glazing provides insulation comparable to triple glazing with just glass.

What makes Sekosnap so impressive isn’t just that it’s a breeze to install. Sekosnap can also be removed very easily. Just click off the second strip, the one holding the glazing, and it can be safely removed and replaced at your leisure. This is ideal for when you want to adjust the level of insulation for the room in question.

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Sekosnap H Connector Fix Kit

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Sekosnap Side Section

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