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When you’re doing most DIY or professional work around the house a tool belt is handy but not a necessity. When you’re climbing 25 feet up a ladder to nail down some battens, then it’s a necessity. You don’t want to be climbing up and down a roofing ladder every time you forget a tool. Give yourself some peace of mind with the tool belts and nail pouches we sell at ERoofing.

Why do I need a tool belt for roofing?

Roofing is always going to be dangerous. While that danger can be minimized through the use of proper roofing ladders, work gloves, and safety protocols, it cannot be eliminated entirely. So making many trips up and down the ladder more than necessary isn’t just a waste of time and energy, and shooting your productivity to pieces. It’s also putting your life at needless risk.

With a proper tool belt, you can take everything you need with you without forgetting anything. You will still need proper preparation, of course; but once you get going you’ll have everything you need at hand all the time.

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Armatool Leather Belt Black, Large

£21.60 Incl VAT £18.00 Excl VAT

Armatool Leather Pouch & Leather Belt

£64.98 Incl VAT £54.15 Excl VAT

Double Nylon Tool Pouch with Belt

£24.99 Incl VAT £20.83 Excl VAT