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OB1 Sealant & Adhesive

OB1 is one of the leading multi-surface construction sealant adhesives on the market. This sealant has superb qualities such as excellent chemical resistance, resists fungal growth, and is weather-resistant, among many other exceptional properties.

OB1 for Aluminium & Wood

Depending on their moisture, softwoods and hardwoods expand and contract continually — some more than others. Aluminium swells and contracts under a specific temperature. OB1 will maintain its robust bond when cured from -40°C to +120°C and, consequently, can cope with harsh external weathering conditions and in a refrigerated environment. Its bond can stretch up to 350%.

Kitchen & Food Safe Formula

As OB1 conforms to ISEGA Standards, it is the ideal solution for kitchens and food preparation areas. Worktops made of marble, granite or quartz are bonded and sealed with OB1, making it virtually impossible not to attack or stain surfaces.

Aquatic & Pool Sealant

In addition to its original formula, OB1 is also resistant to saltwater. Despite its hybrid polymer formulation, it retains its primary bond underwater. Thus, a closed-face application, like floor or wall tiles in a swimming pool, can be bonded underwater without draining the pool.

Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass & GRP

If you need to repair carbon fibre materials, fibreglass, and GRP, then this all-in-one repair and bonding product is the right choice.

Environmentally friendly

Since OB1 contains no solvents or isocyanates, it has an A+ rating for air quality. As well as being odourless and kind to the environment, this product is safe for use in residential, domestic, and industrial settings, making it a quality product for trade and DIY.

Using OB1 for Bathrooms, Bonding & Sealing Lead Flashing

OB1 contains zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so it cures great without leaving holes, unlike other sealants where bacteria can breed and cause mould to grow. In addition, there is no shrinkage or cracking with OB1.

If you’re working on a roof and need to use OB1 to bond and fill lead flashing to stone, brick, or even quality felt — you can do it, even in wet conditions.

Fixing Dripping Gutters & Gardening Repair

When exposed to the elements, EPDM Seals degrade and leak. Seals are often repaired with silicone sealants, but first, the surface must be dry. When the seal/bond line fails, the adhesive shrinks and collapses as its solvents evaporate. Because it contains no solvents, OB1 doesn’t shrink or crack even when applied underwater. It is perfect for repairing gutter leaks.

If broken containers or pots are damaged, the OB1 garden repair product is the best solution to fix them, whether they are wet or dry. Even pond ornaments can be repaired underwater. With OB1, you can repair all garden ornaments.

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