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At ERoofing we are proud to offer top-quality ladders by Youngman, who have been making them since 1926. We have both loft ladders for attic access and roof ladders for roofwork, alongside ladder accessories.

What loft ladders do you have?

We stock the Spacemaker, which is easy to install with slip-resistant steps, the Easiway, which is excellent in a tight fit, the Eco S, which has a handrail and a draught proof hatch door, and the Deluxe, which is very stoutly built with double handrails. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. If you’re interested in finding out which loft ladder is perfect for your house, contact us here.

What roof ladders do you have?

At ERoofing we ship four different lengths of the Youngman Double Section Roof Ladder. These are extremely strong and can bear loads of 150 kg, but despite all that are still extremely lightweight. They are built with safety as a priority. Youngman Double Section Roof Ladders have very strong locking catches to prevent anything going wrong with the two sections and a robust roof hook for maximum stability.

What ladder accessories do you have?

There are a variety of ladder accessories available at ERoofing. The Youngman LadderLok is a fantastic, secure wall mount for your ladder. The Youngman Roof Hook Kit allows an extension ladder to be converted to a roof ladder. If you want to make working with extension latters safer, the Youngman Ladder Stay is a strong option while also protecting your tiles, gutters and windows. Finally, the Youngman Ladder Rack Clamps allow you to attach a ladder to the roof of a vehicle so it can be carried around easily.

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1168 Plastic Push Up Loft Access Door

From: £29.99 Incl VAT £24.99 Excl VAT

1169 Plastic Hinged Drop Down Loft Access Door

From: £31.99 Incl VAT £26.66 Excl VAT

Werner Ladder Roof Rack Clamps (79009)

£32.05 Incl VAT £26.71 Excl VAT

Werner LadderLok (45009)

£39.06 Incl VAT £32.55 Excl VAT

Youngman Deluxe Loft Ladder (30634000)

£347.75 Incl VAT £289.79 Excl VAT

Youngman Easiway Loft Ladder (31334000)

£108.94 Incl VAT £90.78 Excl VAT