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Lead Sheet Restorer is a chemical that will remove unsightly white deposits from lead sheeting. There are two classifications of Lead Sheet Restorer, G1 and G3, which are used for lead under and over 50 years old respectively.

How do I get the most out of Lead Sheet Restorer?

Because the Lead Sheet Restorer is applied in a gel form, it will adhere to your roof for a more extended period, regardless of pitch, ensuring long-term performance. It’s a great solution for making your lead look new and eye-pleasing on the roof.

According to the recommendations of the British Lead Sheet Association, Lead Sheet Restorer works best when used in tandem with Patination Oil. After using Lead Sheet Restorer, patination oil can be applied in order to keep the new look fresh for longer.

What is Lead Cleaner? 

A lead cleaner is an excellent solution for terminating the everyday grime built up on the lead. It’s ideal for removing: Bird Foul, Airborne Pollution, Grime and Dust, either for pre-treatment and preparation for restoring lead flashing or for a general clean-up.

What else should I know about Lead Cleaner?

Lead Cleaner will definitely destroy most kinds of muck on your lead. However, there are a couple caveats. Lead Cleaner will not remove bitumen, tar, or patination oil. Secondly, Lead Cleaner is best used with a cloth or a nylon scourer. Keep these things in mind and you’ll find success with Lead Cleaner.

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Easy-Trim Patination Oil - 1 Litre

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Lead Sheet Cleaner - 1 Litre

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Lead Sheet Restorer - G1

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Lead Sheet Restorer - G3

£16.95 Incl VAT £14.13 Excl VAT