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Lead accessories aid in cleaning and fitting your lead flashing.


When building a pitched roof out from a wall or tiling from a chimney, you’ll need some soakers for a watertight joint.

Lead Fixings

Lead domes, also known as lead dots are small lead casings used to protect screws from the elements. Exposed nails or screws used on roofs can easily rust or corrode. Lead domes can be hammered in to shield them. Our lead domes come with complimentary brass fixings and washers.

We also offer lead hall fixing clips. These are used to secure portions of flashing into a wall and represent a substantial improvement on the lead wedges previously used for the same purpose.


We have many different varieties of lead sealant from companies like Everflex and Flashpoint. Lead sealant has an edge on mortaring joints. Mortar is vulnerable to cracking and rotting in the face of harsh weather. As a flexible and fairly inert material, lead sealant is far more resistant to this.

Restoration and Cleaning

Lead needs to be taken care of even after installation if you want it to look good and last for longer. At ERoofing, we offer both lead sheet cleaner to remove grime and muck as well as lead sheet restorers. Lead sheet restorer is a gel compound that restores lead from damage that creates unsightly ‘white deposits’ and makes it look as good as new.

Geotec Felt

Geotec felt is another layer that can be added to your roof between the lead and the rest of the roof. It protects the lead from the roof by reducing drag from thermal movement as the weather changes. It also reduces condensation on the roof.

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Copper Coil 20m x 50mm

£119.99 Incl VAT £99.99 Excl VAT

Easy-Trim Patination Oil - 1 Litre

£12.99 Incl VAT £10.83 Excl VAT

Geotextile Lead Underlay Felt – 1m x 25m

£41.89 Incl VAT £34.91 Excl VAT

Lead Roofing Wood Core Roll (50mm x 2.4m)

£12.50 Incl VAT £10.42 Excl VAT

Lead Sheet Cleaner - 1 Litre

£16.95 Incl VAT £14.13 Excl VAT

Lead Sheet Restorer - G1

£16.95 Incl VAT £14.13 Excl VAT