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Breather Membranes

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Breather membranes, also known as breathable membranes, allow insulated structures to quickly release excess moisture vapour into the atmosphere and keep the internal components of wall and roof structures dry whilst fulfilling the task of a secondary protection membrane and preventing penetration by external environmental impurities such as dirt and rain. These membrane types are installed on the cold or exterior side of the insulation beneath the main outer building lining, roof tiles or cladding.

Breather Membranes for Roofs

We stock several high-performance breather membranes, including Cromar’s Vent 3, which is made from high tensile spun-bonded polypropylene layers around a micro-porous polypropylene film. Moreover, designed for use in a fully supported or unsupported tiled, slated or metal roof system. Moreover, we stock Permavent’s Black Breather Membrane, which are manufactured in a singular process that significantly improves the property and integrity of the membranes. This 3 in 1 process means that Permavent offers the best performing breather membranes in their class with excellent strength, breathability, flexibility and durability.

Shopping for Breather Membranes on ERoofing

When you order breather membranes from ERoofing, we’ll include free delivery as long as your order reaches £10 or more in total value. If you need any advice on any of the products, get in touch with your team, who can provide you with more advice on which product you may need for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions (3)

Generally, breather membranes allow water vapour to escape from inside a building without the need for extra ventilation.
The thickness of a breather membrane will all depend on the project type. For example, 135gsm thickness membrane will be suitable for more advanced roofing projects.
It is widely recommended to use breather membrane is most roofing projects. However, in unique situations a non-breather membrane is more suitable.