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Galvanised Nails

Galvanised nails are great for various roofing projects that require quality steel nails. Galvanised steel has a zinc layer that inhibits corrosion and rust significantly. There are two methods of galvanising nails: hot-dipping and electro-galvanising. The hot‐dipped method produces a thicker layer of zinc that lasts longer, so typically they are preferred.

Regardless of the specific process, however, galvanised nails are particularly useful for roofing construction because of their resistance to corrosion. These nails will usually be exposed to the elements and the zinc layer becomes vital. With a zinc coating these nails can potentially last for decades.

There are many different uses for nails in roofing. However, getting good quality nails is particularly important when nailing in shed felt because the nails will often be completely exposed to the weather. 

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Galvanised Shed Felt Nails 1kg - 20mm

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Galvanised Shed Felt Nails 1kg - 25mm

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Timco Firmahold Collated Clipped Head Nails

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Timco Round Wire Nails, Pack of 40

£5.99 Incl VAT £4.99 Excl VAT