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When a water pipe or soil stack penetrates a roof you need a waterproof joint around it to prevent leaks. There’s no easier, simpler, or more effective option for this than a lead slate.

What is a lead slate?

Simply put, a lead slate is a lead square with a rubbery centre piece. An appropriate-sized hole is cut into the centre piece to accommodate the pipe. This allows the pipe to penetrate the roof without opening any possibilities for leaks.

The specific vulcanisation process used creates a nigh unbreakable bond between the rubber and the lead, making the slate totally waterproof. The flexibility of the lead allows the slate to be attached regardless of the type of roof tiles.

Can lead slates be used on pitched roofs too?

At ERoofing, we carry the ALM-designed Lead Flexi Slate, which has variations for both flat roofs and pitched roofs.

Is the lead slate resistant to damage?

The Lead Flexi Slate is resistant to temperatures between -40 and 100 degrees celsius. The lead portion is made of grade 4 lead sheeting, while the rubbery centre is made of the highly temperature resistant neoprene. In standard conditions it will last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced.

What sort of pipes will a lead slate be useful for?

The Lead Flexi Slate can be made to fit every standard size of pipe between 25-125mm. This covers the vast majority of water pipes and soil stacks but you should check your pipe just to make sure the Lead Flexi Slate is right for you.

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Lead Flexi Slate Pipe Flashing - Flat

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Lead Flexi Slate Pipe Flashing - Pitched

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