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Klober Plain Tile Vents

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Klober plain and uni-plain tile vents are smooth in-line designs making them virtually invisible in the roofline. Besides, they are fit for most concrete and clay plain tile roofs. They are available in nine colours, including antique red, brown granular, red granular, cotswold, hedgerow brown, autumn, slate grey, terracotta, brown, and rustic red. Further, they can be used as a terminal for soil and ventilation pipes and mechanical extraction systems when utilised with an adaptor and flexipipe.


Plain tile vents by Klober are for roof pitches 35° and are for most traditional concrete plain tiles. For installation, the uni-plain tile vent is positioned in broken bond format, above the course below and the underlay is marked and cut to accommodate the downpipe. The vent is then positioned adjacent to the next tile, nailed in place and tiling continued as normal.

Features & Delivery

The vents are 330mm in width and 300mm in length, with a depth of 90mm. They weigh 0.85kg each. If you need any more advice or knowledge on these vents, get in touch with our team by emailing us or giving us a call.

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Klober Profile-Line Twin Plain Tile Vent, KG9861

From: £42.99 Incl VAT £35.83 Excl VAT

Klober Uni-Plain Tile Vent, KG9918

From: £26.95 Incl VAT £22.46 Excl VAT

Klober Thin Line Vent, KG9855

From: £29.99 Incl VAT £24.99 Excl VAT