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Freeflow 112mm Round Gutter System Stopend Outlet - Black

Home Shop Guttering Round Line Guttering Freeflow 112mm Round Gutter System Stopend Outlet – Black
Product SKU: FRR606BL
£3.49 incl VAT.
£2.91 excl VAT.
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The Freeflow Round Gutter System Stopend Outlet has been manufactured to deliver excellent water flow through the guttering without letting any leak seep. Perfect to be applied at the edge of a guttering system, the downpipe allows further vertical connection whilst the stop end prevents it from flowing off the side.

  • PVCu Construction
  • No Lubrication required
  • Excellent flow capacity
  • Available in either Black or White

Total Price
£3.49 Incl VAT.
£2.91 Excl VAT.

Out of stock

Freeflow Round Gutter System Stopend Outlet has co-extruded layers that help combat direct sunlight and temperature changes. It commonly causes cracking and warping in the guttering system, leading to unwanted damage and inevitably leaks over time. Freeflow is an environmentally conscious company offering a range of guttering comprising up to 85% recycled materials and 100% lead-free.

Use this half round stop end to divert the flow of water in your guttering system. It's easy to attach to a half round gutter and can be used with a downpipe to channel rainwater away from your house. This lightweight product doesn't need much effort to carry up a ladder, so it's a good choice if you're replacing or installing your own rainwater system.

The stop end is made from hard-wearing PVC so you can be sure of its durability and long lifespan. This type of plastic also withstands the wear and tear of weather well and is completely rust-proof, so there's less chance of it corroding. Fixing clips on either side of the stop end makes a secure connection with a half round gutter that will stand up well to heavy rain and strong water flows.



FreeFlow is a FreeFoam company. They strive to deliver outstanding roofing products, with their guttering being an exceptional, innovative design. FreeFlow crafts its guttering through a co-extruded system, creating multiple layers within the guttering that offer various benefits. Due to these multiple layers, FreeFlow uses the internal one to help resist the effects of direct sunlight temperature, with most guttering expanding, which causes warping and cracking. Another advantage of using the FreeFlow guttering includes the advanced compressible seals, which are used to connect different sections of guttering together, ensuring a water-tight seal to prevent any unwanted leakage. FreeFlow products are delivered with a protective film on top, and this is to avoid any scratches or imperfections which can be caused by transit, handling and other manners. FreeFlow allows you to receive a product in perfect condition, which offers you the utmost professionalism when finishing the system. FreeFlows guttering comprises up to 85% recycled materials, with 100% being lead-free; it is one of the most eco-friendly innovations on the market.

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