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Geotextile Lead Underlay Felt – 1m x 25m

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Geotec underlay felt decreases drag arising from thermal movement. Furthermore, it assists against condensation, chemical attachment and guards against uneven surfaces.

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£41.89 Incl VAT.
£34.91 Excl VAT.

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Geotec felt is an important element of a roof that heavily relies on lead for waterproofing. The Geotextile Lead Underlay Felt from Premium Roofing Products Ltd. is a top-shelf geotec felt. Lead can post several problems when laid on raw substrates like concrete or timber. The lead itself can be leeched out by the materials, weakening the lead layer. Geotec felt prevents this from happening.

There can also be friction developed by lead’s thermal expansion. All materials expand slightly when heated, but lead is a metal and is particularly susceptible to thermal expansion. These differing rates of thermal expansion can cause cracking and damage. Geotextile Lead Underlay Felt creates a smooth surface that moves with the lead, preventing this.

Geotec lead underlay is made from a non-woven polyester material and isolates lead sheeting from the roofing material it lays over. This prevents damage and fractures from occurring where the lead cladding lays on timber boards as it allows the lead to expand and contract freely. Additionally, this lead underlay prevents damage caused by roof condensation.


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