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Lead Hall Fixing Clips - Pack of 50

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Lead Hall Fixing Clips are up to 20 times faster than using standard lead wedges. Furthermore, one pack (usually) fixes up to 20 linear metres of flashing.

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£14.95 Incl VAT
£12.46 Excl VAT

When installing lead flashing against brickwork, lead fixing clips are an absolute must to make sure it’s locked in securely. ERoofing sells all lead fixing clips in packs of 50.

Before the advent of lead fixing clips, lead wedges were used to help fix lead flashing against flat brick walls. However, this was a crude solution that often led to a poor fit. Lead wedges were at risk of being dislodged over time. Lead fixing clips change all of that with their v-shape.

The tensile force of the v-shaped lead fixing clip provides a much tighter fit. The clip is compressed prior to insertion. Afterwards the force generated by it trying to return to its original position causes it to lock itself and the lead flashing in place. This makes the clips far more resilient in the face of changing temperatures and the weather.

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