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Timco Folding Utility Knife

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£12.99 incl VAT.
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The Timco Folding Utility Knife is a top-shelf utility knife. Has a folding action and a belt clip. Comes with ten spare blades, all made of high quality carbon steel. Blades sized at 60x19x0.6mm.

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£12.99 Incl VAT.
£10.83 Excl VAT.

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The Timco Folding Utility Knife is versatile tool for any professional or DIY purposes. Its folding action and belt clip increases its portability and safety. Timco brand fixings, screws and tools are widely recognised as top-shelf. Drawing on 50 years of industry experience they are reliable and cost-effective. Whether you’re cutting shed felt, felt membranes, or polycarbonate interior glazing, this knife will be up to the task.

The blade of the Timco Folding Utility Knife is made of SK2 carbon steel for sharpness and flexibility. Each knife comes with ten spare blades so you won’t be running out of cutting power any time soon.



Timco is one of Britain’s leading trade equipment suppliers. Originating in Chester, it’s been operating for 50 years. Timco tools and fixings combine reliability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. When set alongside their stock-in-depth logistics policy, it’s easy to see why they’ve been around for so long. That same stock-in-depth approach also influences the kind of products Timco makes. They produce a huge array of specialist fixings that accomplish specific tasks far better than more general options could ever hope to.  At ERoofing, we sell many of Timco’s excellent screws, nails, pins, timber hangers and tools. Whether you’re looking to fix drywall to timber studs, repair your fascia or secure some metal sheeting, Timco is sure to have a solution.

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