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Timco Twin-Threaded Woodscrew Mixed Tray

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£18.99incl VAT.
£15.83excl VAT.
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Timco Twin-Threaded Woodscrew Mixed Tray, featuring 1140 twin-threaded wood screws of various sizes. Zinc coated for rust resistance. Comes with a carrying case.

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£18.99 Incl VAT
£15.83 Excl VAT

The Timco Twin-Threaded Woodscrew Mixed Tray features a huge array of wood screws in a convenient carrying case. The screws have a head designed for countersinking, allowing for a flat finish. Timco brand fixings, screws and nails are widely recognised as top-shelf. Drawing on 50 years of industry experience they are reliable and cost-effective. 

The sharp point and single-lead allow for the screw to enter the wood gently, while the twin threads improve the screw’s grip on the wood. Partially threaded at 1/14’’ and above. Made of steel with a zinc coat to resist rust, making it viable for outdoor use. The heads of the screws require a PZ2 Pozidriv head screwdriver or drill bit. 

The tray has 1140 screws, in the following sizes:

  • 6x½’’ Screw -180x
  • 6x⅝’’ Screw -190x
  • 6x¾’’ Screw -130x
  • 6x1’’ Screw - 100x
  • 6x1¼’’ Screw - 110x
  • 8x¾’’ Screw - 100x
  • 8x1¼’’ Screw - 85x
  • 8x1½’’ Screw - 65x 
  • 8x1 Screw - 60x
  • 8x2 Screw - 50x
  • 10x2 Screw - 35x
  • 10x2½ Screw - 35x

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