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Predator by Ron has been one of the UK’s top PPE work glove brands for over 12 years. Founded by Ron Simpson, who had decades of experience in the import-export business and who was one of the movers behind the Tiger Rigger glove.

Predator features several different varieties of work glove, all of which are suited to a different situation. They all put a huge amount of emphasis, however, on combining improved grip and traction with a focus on dexterity and breathability.

The Work Gloves, Atlantic Waterproof Gloves, Winter Paws Thermal Gloves and Baltic Thermal Gloves each provide a different set of attributes uniquely attuned to a specific set of circumstances.

Since 2020, Predator has begun a journey to achieve sustainability and a greener carbon footprint. They’ve set significant goals to achieve by 2030, paving the way for the business’s future as the world shifts towards eco-friendly products.

We take pride in stocking Ron Simpson’s Predator stock, as each item is unique, effective and durable. We deliver all gloves directly to your front door with next working day delivery on all orders, and if it’s over £10, the delivery is entirely free.

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Predator Atlantic Waterproof Gloves, Red

From: £4.99 Incl VAT £4.16 Excl VAT

Predator Baltic Thermal Gloves, Orange

From: £6.99 Incl VAT £5.83 Excl VAT

Predator Gloves, Orange / Yellow

From: £2.49 Incl VAT £2.08 Excl VAT

Predator Winter Paws Thermal Gloves, Hi-Vis

From: £5.99 Incl VAT £4.99 Excl VAT

Predator Work Gloves, Jet Black

From: £3.80 Incl VAT £3.17 Excl VAT