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Evo-Stik 528 Instant Contact Adhesive – 500ml

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A general-purpose one part contact adhesive suitable for bonding laminates, wallboards, plywood and hardboard panels, and leather goods.

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A general-purpose one part contact adhesive suitable for bonding laminates, wallboards, plywood and hardboard panels, and leather goods.

Applying Evo-Stik 528 Instant Contact Adhesive


1. EVO-STIK TX 528 Thixotropic Contact Adhesive is not gap-filling. Surfaces must be flat and close-fitting.

2. Substrates to be bonded must be perfectly clean, dry and free from dust and grease. If degreasing is necessary, use EVO-STIK Adhesive Cleaner. Always check the effects of the solvent on sensitive substrates such as plastics and rubber. Do not use petrol, diesel or white spirits as they leave an oily surface.

3. Smooth or polished surfaces must first be roughened with fine abrasive paper or pad.

4. Excessively porous surfaces soak up the adhesive and lead to the risk of poor bonding. In such cases, prime with some of the adhesive diluted 50 : 50 by volume with EVO-STIK Adhesive Cleaner. Allow to dry completely before proceeding as below.


5. Apply an even ribbed coat of adhesive to both surfaces using a serrated trowel or spreader. For correct coverage use the spreader at an angle to give good rib formation after drying. Work in warm, dry and well-ventilated conditions. Cold and or high humidity will lead to poor drying and hence a poor bond.

6. Allow the adhesive to become just touch dry. The drying time will depend upon film thickness, surface porosity, temperature; humidity and ventilation. In good conditions, the approximate drying times for porous surfaces are 15 to 20 minutes and for nonporous surfaces 25 to 35 minutes.

7. For best results bring the two dry, coated surfaces into contact within 10 minutes of the adhesive films becoming ‘touch dry’ and press together over the entire bond area. Apply as much pressure as possible by hand or roller. Sustained pressure is unnecessary.

8. Bringing the surfaces together before the surfaces are touch dry will result in solvent being trapped, adversely affecting the final bond, and possibly giving rise to blistering problems.

9. Bonding too late will leave large areas un-bonded which will later give rise to blisters, due to differential movement.

10. A bond is formed as soon as the two surfaces touch. It is hence essential with large areas to avoid contact before the parts are in alignment.

11. The initial bond strength allows for immediate handling of the assembly, but maximum bond strength is reached after approx. 24 hours at normal temperatures.


12. Remove as much of the adhesive as possible by mechanical means.

13. The remainder of the adhesive can be removed using a cloth dampened with acetone or EVO-STIK Adhesive Cleaner.

14. Always check if the cleaning solvent might damage a nearby surface by testing.

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