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Evo-Stik 873 Flooring Adhesive – 1 Litre

Home Shop Building Supplies Evo-Stik 873 Flooring Adhesive – 1 Litre
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A synthetic rubber/aqueous adhesive for fixing most types of PVC Flooring, Cork Tiles, Linoleum, Latex foam or Jute backed carpeting to substrates.

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A synthetic rubber/aqueous adhesive for fixing most types of PVC Flooring, Cork Tiles, Linoleum,Latex foam or Jute backed carpeting to substrates.

How to Use Evo-Stik 873


1. Surfaces must be clean, rigid, dry, flat and free from oil, grease, dust and any loose material.

2. Uneven concrete floors should be levelled and made smooth by using EVO-STIK Floor Levelling Compound, and very porous floors should be primed.

3. Constructional water in suspended floors and screeds above the damp proof membrane must be dried out. Allow approx. 1 month per 25mm of screed thickness, longer if conditions are cold and damp. For screeds thicker than 75mm, allow 6 months.

4. Uneven wooden floors are best levelled by covering with a sheet material such as plywood, wood chipboard or hardboard as recommended by the manufacturer to produce a rigid surface.

5. Underfloor heating must be switched off for at least 48 hours before and after the laying of the floor covering (surface floor temperature must not exceed 27°C).


6. Once applied the adhesive remains ‘wet’ for approx. 15 to 25 minutes. Therefore only spread the adhesive over an area that can be covered with the floor covering within this time.

Smooth Backed Floor Coverings:

7. Use a spreader with 1.5mm deep triangular notches at
5mm centres.

Fibrous or Rough Backed Coverings:

8. Use a spreader with 2mm deep triangular notches at
6mm centres.

Cork Tiles:

9. Leave the adhesive to partially dry, until a skin just begins to form. This is approx. 10 to 20 minutes depending on the drying conditions. This technique is designed to reduce the amount of water absorbed by the cork and is particularly important in the case of sealed cork.

10. Apply an even coat of adhesive at the coverage rate applicable to the floor covering being laid using a notched towel.

11. Press the floor covering firmly into place ensuring overall contact with the floor.

12. Do not allow the adhesive to come into contact with the surface of the floor covering. If this does occur, remove the wet adhesive from smooth surfaces with a dampened cloth.

13. Two hours after laying the floor covering, check to ensure that it is bedded down securely. The use of a wide hand roller can help to achieve the overall bonding of smooth floor coverings.


14. Wet, excess adhesive must be removed with a damp cloth before it has dried.

15. Clean tools and equipment immediately after use by carefully scrapping away the excess and then using warm soapy water.

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