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Soudal Firecement HT, Black - 300ml

Home Shop Building Supplies Soudal Firecement HT, Black – 300ml
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Firecement HT is a heat resistant gap filler and sealant from Soudal. Based on sodium-silicate. Heat resistance up to 1500 degrees Celsius, perfect for ovens and fireplaces.


  • Ready for use out of the tube
  • After curing it does not fragment or crack
  • 120 minutes fire rating
  • Hard setting
  • Heat resistant up to 1500°C
  • asbestos-free
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If you need a gap filler that can really take the heat, there’s nothing better than Soudal’s Firecement HT. A sodium-silicate based substance brewed up by the expert chemists and engineers at Soudal, Firecement HT is perfect for repairing fireplaces, ovens, and even most ceramic kilns. It can also be used to help fireproof other existing structures. Even if it’s just a join where any gap filler would be exposed to high temperatures, Firecement HT will get the job done.

Firecement HT can handle temperatures up to an astonishing 1500 degrees Celcius. That’s hotter than most lava! This hard-setting gap filler is also completely free of asbestos. It can be applied either manually with a filling knife or spatula, or with a sealant gun. Firecement HT can seal gaps up to 15mm wide.

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